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Borland C++Builder Instructions

Contributed by Scott Frazer

Building the Win32 version of Splint:

1) Download Borland C++Builder (BCC32) from:

2) Install BCC32, put it in your PATH, etc.

3) Make sure when you type 'make' at a command prompt it uses the one that was
   just installed with BCC32.

4) Make sure when you type 'find' at a command prompt it uses the DOS program,
   *NOT* some Unix-y thing you may have on your machine.  It should say
   something like:

   FIND: Parameter format not correct

5) Now you're ready.  Do a 'make' in the 'bcc32' subdirectory of wherever you
   unzipped Splint.  It will spit out a bunch of warnings as it compiles, but
   when it's done you should have a 'splint.exe' in the 'bin' directory.

NOTE: All the Splint version info is hard-coded into the 'bcc_config.h' file,
      which stinks, but there's no easy way around it.

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