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Downloading Splint

Source Code

Splint should compile (effortlessly) on any UNIX system with a Standard C compiler. A bit of effort may be required to port Splint to a non-UNIX platform.

Source Code Distribution: http://www.splint.org/downloads/splint-3.1.2.src.tgz

Build Instructions


Binaries are available for some earlier splint releases, but are not updated. We recommend building from the source code.

Linux x86 Binary

You should be able to install and execute this binary on any standard x86-based Linux system. We built it on a Debian 2.2 system and have tested it on RedHat 8 and RedHat 9.

Linux x86 Binary Distribution: http://www.splint.org/downloads/binaries/splint-3.1.1.Linux.tgz

FreeBSD Binary
OS/2 Binary
Herbert Martin Dietze has provided an OS/2 binary: http://www.the-little-red-haired-girl.org/pub/splint/index.html
Solaris Binary
The CVS version of Splint often fixes bugs in the stable version and may also contain some additional features. It should compile on any UNIX system with a Standard C compiler. Occasionally, the CVS version will not build correctly on some systems. Usually updating a couple days latter will fix the problem.
Because the version in CVS is the unstable development version, it is not unusual for some of the tests to fail. These messages are usually not a cause for concern. The instructions for obtaining the CVS version are available here.

Additional Software

Christoph Thielecke has developed a Splint GUI using Python and Qt, availble for download here: http://crissi.linux-administrator.com/linux/splintgui/index_en.html

Old Versions for Other Platforms

There are binaries of older versions available for some other platforms here. If you build a new binary for a different platform, please contribute it to us so we can redistribute it here.

Linux x86 RPM Distribution: http://www.splint.org/downloads/binaries/splint- (provided and supported by Joe Klemmer)
Win32 Binary

Mao Yu has create a Windows installer for splint-3.1.2: http://github.com/maoserr/splint_win32/downloads

Older windows distributions:

Small Zip Distribution: http://splint.org/downloads/binaries/splint- (774 KB, just includes binary and libraries)
Full Zip Distribution: http://splint.org/downloads/binaries/splint-

Binaries of older versions available for some other platforms here

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