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From: Dave Spuler 
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Date: Mon, 17 Oct 94 11:51:27 CDT
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> To get things going, I would like for the non-Larch related members to
> post a brief message introducing yourself and describing your
> professional interests.  Feel free to also include any ideas you have
> for lclint development or comments on your experiences using lclint.

  I'm Dave Spuler, an ex-academic now working in the real world, and
I'm also the author of three C/C++ books published by Prentice Hall
called "Comprehensive C", "C++ & C efficiency" and "C++ & C Debugging,
Testing, and Reliability".  My interest in lclint is part of an overall
interest in the design of all C/C++ tools, and also specifically because
I actually implemented a lint-like checker called "Check: a better checker
for C" as a student project.  Check is not available because (a) it's not
very robust as I was learning C as I wrote it and (b) I still have vague
plans to do something commercial with it.  However, there are some research
reports on it available via FTP to in pub/techreports
in, and also a few TR's (I forget the numbers).


             David Spuler                 Voice: +1 713 918-5020
             Patrol Software Developer
                                            Fax: +1 713 918-1312
             BMC Software                    (phone me before faxing)
             2101 Citywest Blvd            E-Mail:                    
             Houston, Texas, 77042, USA  

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