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From Tue Sep 17 08:47:01 1996
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Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 09:35:33 +0200
From: (Harald Kirsch)
Subject: (Known?) Bugs? of LCLint and questions

1) Running the program

main(int argc, char **argv)
  char bla[10];
  char *s = malloc(10);
  if( !s ) {

  s = bla;
  printf("%d, %s\n", argc, argv[0]);
  return 0;
results in the message:

LCLint 2.1a --- 23 Apr 96

x.c: (in function main)
x.c:11,3: Variable s is released in true branch, but live in continuation.
  The state of a variable is different depending on which branch is taken. This
  means no annotation can sensibly be applied to the storage. Use -branchstate
  to suppress message.
   x.c:10,10: Storage s is released

Finished LCLint checking --- 1 code error found

Isn't it possible for LCLint to find out that s need not be freed in the
contination, since it was never allocated?

2) Handling of realloc is obviously a problem, in particular the case
were it does not succeed. How would I write a wrapper around realloc
that can be fully specified with LCLint annotations?

3) In 2.1a somethings seems to go wrong with #includes and #defines. In
two libraries I introduced something like

#ifndef __bool__
typdef int bool

and wherever both .h-files are included I get messages about double
defined types. Is +allmacros probably the reason?

4) I've got a program that creates code for a command line parser from a
simple specification file. The command line parser puts all its findings
into a static struct, and returns the address of this structure to the
calling main. 

How do I have to annotate the parser function and/or the static struct
to make LCLint a believer?


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