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From Wed Oct 16 14:02:06 1996
From: (Erik Mouw)
Subject: Re: LCLint and indent
To: (Mike Ellis)
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 96 16:28:42 MET DST
In-Reply-To: <>; from "Mike Ellis" at Oct 16, 96 1:31 pm
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> I've just started to set up a new project with automagic makefiles to do 
> everything for me.  This includes,  as part of the compilation phase,  
> running both indent and lclint over the code.  However,  I've come unstuck 
> as my version of indent seems to insist on mangling lclint's embedded 
> comments,  thus
> "/*@unused@*/" becomes "/* @unused@ */" and so on.  
> LClint (V2.2a) seems unable to cope with this and simply ignores the 
> comments,  thus causing all sorts of warnings to appear.  Has anyone else 
> experienced this problem and found a solution?  I could re-install a hacked 
> version of LCLint where "/*@" and "/* @" were equivalent,  but I'd rather 
> not have to do this if there is a better way.

What about the following sed scripts:

sed 's/\/\*\ @/\/\*@/'
sed 's/@\ \*\//@\*\//'

They replace every "/* @" in "/*@". It's just a hack, but I think it


Erik Mouw
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