lclint-interest message 133

From:	Hsi-Guang Sung []
Sent:	Wednesday, February 26, 1997 3:40 PM
Subject:	New lclint user

Hello everyone, 

I am a programmer in Department of Biomathematics, M. D.
Anderson Cancer Center, Univ. of Texas, Houston. My major duty is
implementing and maintaining statistical packages which are available in
our ftp site.  My motivation in finding better lint is the following:
Whenever I called malloc(), the old lint always pops up a warning
message "warning: possible pointer alignment problem, op CAST" This is
irritating and I couldn't find the right option to supress it.  I am
really happy that lclint doesn't overreact to the malloc() call.  

God bless you, Mr. Evens, and my fellow lclint users.  

Thank you all.

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