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From:	Peter Holm []
Sent:	Monday, March 17, 1997 6:31 PM
Subject:	List problem

I have a problem with comma separated lists of statements. It seems as
thou lclint doesn't recognise that xSysPanic will exit, if p == NULL.

If I replace "sysPanic" in line 17 with "xSysPanic" all is fine.

1	#include 
3	extern /*@observer@*/ const char *FileName;
4	extern int LineNumber;
6	extern /*@notnull@*/ /*@out @*/ /*@only@*/ void *myMalloc(size_t size);
8	#define sysPanic FileName = __FILE__, LineNumber = __LINE__, xSysPanic
10	extern /*@exits@*/ void xSysPanic(char *format, ...);
12	void *
13	myMalloc(size_t size) {
14	void *p;
16	p = malloc(size);
17	if (p == NULL) sysPanic("malloc(%d) failed", size);
18	return p;
19	}

LCLint 2.2a --- 04 Sep 96
x.c: (in function myMalloc) x.c:18,16: Possibly null storage p returned as non-null: p Function returns a possibly null pointer, but is not declared using /*@null@*/ annotation of result.  If function may
return NULL, add /*@null@*/ annotation to the return value declaration. (-nullret will suppress message)
x.c:16,13: Storage p may become null
Finished LCLint checking --- 1 code error found

Am I doing some thing wrong?


Peter Holm

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