lclint-interest message 139

From:	David Evans []
Sent:	Saturday, May 10, 1997 1:33 PM
Subject:	lclint status and future

Jens Schweikhardt writes: 
   I'd like to rephrase that question to `Is anyone on the lclint team?'
   i.e. actively developping beyond the 2.2a version? David, you told me
   you're (going to be) involved in another project somewhere else.
   Could you give us a status report and a few words on the future of

I've been on leave from MIT this term, so haven't had time to adequately
support LCLint.  I may be able to do a small update release to fix some
nagging bugs, but in the long run, I won't be able to adequately support
LCLint, not to mention produce new versions, as I will be doing a thesis
that isn't directly related to LCLint.  I'd like to hear proposals from
people on the list as to the long term future of LCLint.  Ideally, we
would like to have some organization that has sufficient resources and
is committed to maintaining and developing LCLint (e.g., supporting
C++), take over.  


--- Dave

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