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From Sun Jul  6 22:06:19 1997
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From: "Steven R. Drake" 
Organization: Carmel Applied Technologies, Inc.
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Hello all,

I just joined this list, and was asked to send a brief note introducing
myself, and my professional interest in LCLint.

I'm a software engineer working for a small company that is
headquartered in Carmel, California, but I work in Alabama.  My company
designs and integrates software for distributed interactive
simulations.  These simulations are being utilized to, among other
things, investigate advanced technological concepts for the military. 
Although we primarily provide software solutions for simulation, we are
also delving into other areas such as data analysis for flight data

Currently we're involved in a small project that will translate digital
messages from one format to another, allowing diverse simulations to
work seamlessly together (at least that's the plan :-)  The formats of
the digital messages, several of which are bit-oriented, are forcing us
to utilize bit manipulation routines which can be rather tedious to
program.  We're primarily programming for the SGI IRIX OS, but also want
to be able to port our software to Linux, for use on an Intel platform.

I'm interested in the benefits LCLint can provide us by pointing out
possible bugs prior to the integration of our software.  Our software
will work in real-time, in concert with several other simulation
systems; bugs will be difficult to isolate.

I look forward to fruitful discussuions although the archives indicate
that you're not a very talkative bunch ;-)

Steven R. Drake, Carmel Applied Technologies, Inc.
Voice: (334)598-1319, Ext 25  Fax: (334)598-2367 -or-

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