lclint-interest message 15

Date: 09 Nov 94 12:42:22 EST
From: "JR (John Rogers)" <>
To: LCLint interest list 
Subject: Other Boolean types with LCLint

Hi!  I can I tell LCLint about other Boolean types?  I can see where
I can do stuff with the type 'bool'.  However, other environments use
other names for Boolean types, including:

   BOOL (with values of TRUE and FALSE, for instance in Microsoft Windows)
   Boolean (with values of True and False, for instance in Xlib)
   Boolean_T (with values of Boolean_True and Boolean_False, my invention)

Is there a way I can tell LCLint that 'bool' and 'Boolean_T' are
equivalent?  In the case of Boolean_T (a type name I invented), perhaps I
could do something like this:

   /* in my boolean.h header file: */
   #ifdef LCLINT
   #include "bool.h"   /* get LCLint bool, TRUE, FALSE. */
   typedef bool Boolean_T;
   #define Boolean_TRUE  TRUE
   #define Boolean_FALSE FALSE
   typedef enum {Boolean_False,Boolean_True} Boolean_T;

However, this may not be helpful to other users of LCLint.  For instance,
they may not be in a position to modify their local copies of the Xlib
header files, or the zillions of source files that use them.

Thanks in advance...
--JR (John Rogers)
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