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From Thu Feb  5 19:53:57 1998
Sender: davidv@stimpy
Subject: systemState anomaly
X-Face: #1jPhTl4Z])\d):;KBYaC_+6'h"JFu>eQ:"AE2D`h7(7[dwPE`lK+*K.m)s0m
Date: 06 Feb 1998 10:23:04 +1100
Lines: 36

I have the one-line file test.h as follows:

    void foo(void)/*@globals systemState ; @*/;

Column 37 of this file is above this   (*) asterisk.  
The output when I run lclint on this file is as follows:

    LCLint 2.3i --- 15 Sep 97

    test.h:1,37: Unrecognized identifier in globals list: systemState
      Identifier used in code has not been declared. (-unrecog will suppress

    Finished LCLint checking --- 1 code error found

    Compilation finished at Fri Feb  6 10:16:57

The output when I run 'lclint -help annotations' reads, in part:

    Globals: (in function declarations)
       /*@globals ,+ @*/
          globitem is an identifier, internalState or systemState

The documentation at
seems to agree with this.  

Why does my test file generate the error?

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