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From Mon Mar  4 17:44:46 1996
To: LCLint interest list 
Subject: Looking for LCLint success stories
Date: Mon, 04 Mar 96 17:11:08 +0100
From: Mathieu Antoine 


I'm looking for feedbacks from practical experiences of LCLint on large
industrial projects. Typically, I'd like to:

 - estimate the amount of effort required to introduce LCLint into a software
   development process for a CMM Level 1 organization:
 - estimate the return on investment 

Consequently, I need data on:

 - the cost to evaluate the tool

 - the cost to introduce the tool into the developer's environment (training,
   impact on existing code, impact on existing build environment)

 - from which area come the benefits if any (product quality, maintenance
   cost, time to market, ...)

 - the typical time frame before getting the first benefits at the different
   organization levels (for a single user, for a team of 5-10 engineers, for
   a department of 50 engineers)

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,

PS: I have also a couple of question:
	- Is there any plan for LC++Lint ?
	- Did anybody try (even without success) to build LCLint 2.0 on HP-UX ?
          (I didn't see HP-UX in the list of available binaries).
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