lclint-interest message 42

From evs Tue Mar 19 15:31:02 1996
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 96 16:30:50 -0500
From: evs (David Evans)
In-Reply-To:'s message of Mon, 4 Mar 1996 18:25:43 -0600 <>
Subject: Looking for LCLint success stories

> OK, guys....  I tried to build lclint on a Sun
> Solaris 2.3 box.  This is what the make tells me:
>   ld: fatal: file values-Xa.o: cannot open file; errno=2

I'm not sure what the problem is here.  values-Xa.o is not part of the
lclint source package, it is probably a system file that is needed by
the compiler.  Maybe someone who has experience with solaris can explain

> I did, however, notice that only 119 files of the supposed
> 120 were compiled.  
> *** Compiling lcllib.c / compiled:  119  (of 120 files)

This is correct.  compiler: 119, means you have already compiled 119
files, and are about to compile the 120th.

I'd recommend trying the solaris binary
( instead.

--- Dave

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