lclint-interest message 46

From Tue Mar 19 15:35:08 1996
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 17:29:51 -0600
Subject: Include files and the CPP

How can I get rid of warnings like the following that come from
the cpp?

LCLint 2.0 --- 01 Mar 96

cpp: warning ../ep/ep_timer_reg.h:19: AT_CLK_SEL_1MHz redefined
cpp: warning ../ep/ep_timer_reg.h:20: AT_CLK_SEL_100kHz redefined

These #defines change depending on what package they're included
in, so I do want them redefined.  I also need to run the cpp and
include the header files because of typedefs that I want lclint
to recognize.

To me, this looks like a cpp problem.  It's almost as if lclint
runs all the files through the cpp at the same time.  However,
our compiler doesn't seem to do this because we don't get these
warnings when compiling.

I suppose I could go through and do an #undef immediately before
the #define; but, that makes for pretty ugly code.


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