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From Fri Mar 22 12:57:36 1996
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 12:06:08 -0500
From: Eric Bloodworth 
Organization: Recognition Research, Inc
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Subject: problems with lclint, gcc, unixware
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I've had a couple problems with lclint 2.0 under unixware 1.12 with 
gcc 2.6.3.  I've 
come up with work-arounds, so this is more of a is there a better 
way posting...

1. lclint seems to look in /usr/include for its headers files.  
Since gcc supplies its own system header files elsewhere, this 
leads to parsing errors and other troubles.  I frankly don't 
understand why lclint doesn't use gcc to do its preprocessing, but
I dutifully set BASEPATH and DEFAULT_SYSTEMDIR in constants.h and
SYSTEM_LIBDIR in Makefile to the location of gcc's header files.  
This seems to cure the problem, but it will require the update of a symlink 
for every new release of gcc we install (small maintenance headache).  
My questions are,  
why doesn't lclint use gcc to do the preprocessing and was this 
the "right" way to handle this problem? 

2. lclint barfs (unrecoverable parse error) on gcc's __asm__ statement.  
Unfortunately, this is used in an inline function in one of 
gcc's header files (sys/byteorder.h).  I'm loath to 
change gcc's header files because of the maintenance headache, 
so we managed to keep that file from being included for now.  
Is there a way to get lclint to understand __asm__?  If not, 
I hereby request this feature for the next release. :-)

-- Eric

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