lclint-interest message 77

From Mon Jun  3 12:30:31 1996
Date: Thu, 30 May 96 00:01:52 -0800
Subject: Re: Subscription request
From: (Anthon Pang)

Hi...just joined the list.  Just a brief introduction about myself 'cause I was
asked to. =)

I like to think of myself as a fairly good programmer -- at least I like coding
(unlike some people I know in my program), and I've been coding in C ever since
I left university.  I just returned to school to upgrade my skills -- learning
about OOP, C++, CASE tools, formal systems analysis and design, ...

Anyways, this past term, I was porting Unix CASE tools to DOS/Windows as a work
study project.  I found lclint just as I was finishing my last report, so I
didn't actually get to evalulate/port/test/use lclint -- still haven't.  From
surface appearances, lclint looks like a useful addition to my collection of
tools -- plus, I can't afford Flexelint just yet...

I'm not sure if I would have taken the annotating this far -- I prefer to think
of lint more as a portability checker, rather than a style or specifications
enforcer (ala Abraxas' CodeCheck?).

Let's see...what would be on my wish list for lclint?  How about:
- being able to parse C++ files
- adding some simple software metrics, eg LOC and cyclomatic complexity
- integrating Unix portability checks -- autoconf, meta-config
- value tracking (ala PCLint 7)
- support for traditional lint annotations (if not already), eg /*NOTREACHED*/

Somehow I don't think Dave had any of these on his ToDo list... >=)

-- Anthon

Oh...chalk up another reader from Canada.  This one's an Amiga user, too!  =)

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