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From Thu Jul 18 15:22:08 1996
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Subject: Initialising arrays in loops
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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 16:11:41 +0100
From: Mike Ellis 


Can anyone out there help with this please?

% cat lclint.c
int main(void)
  int array[4];
  int count;

  for (count = 0; count <= 3; count++)
      array[count] = count;

  /* initialised array[] */
  return array[0];
% lclint lclint.c
LCLint 2.1b --- 15 May 96
lclint.c: (in function main)
lclint.c:12,10: Array element array[0] used before definition
  An rvalue is used that may not be initialized to a value on some execution
  path. (-usedef will suppress message)
Finished LCLint checking --- 1 code error found

Obviously,  what we would like to do is have the comment carry some weight 
- I "tell" LCLint that array[] has been initialised.  Is there any way of 
achieving this?



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